November 30, 2016

How Can We Be Happy? | Divine Healing Hands

How To Be Happy | Divine Healing Hands
Everybody wants to be happy, right?

Everybody has the power to be happy, right?

So why isn't everybody happy?

Most of us haven't been taught how to be happy. Yes, that's right. There is a skill to being happy! Not only that, but we may have been taught how to be unhappy. And of course, there is our karma. Some of us have a little more to work on, but it can be done!

Social scientists have discovered that like gratitude, happiness can be learned and developed. Research has confirmed that up to 40 percent of happiness is generated by your habits and activities (i.e. smile often, practice gratitude, have good social connections, eat well, exercise, think happy thoughts, find time for what makes you happy, and more!). Happiness is a practical skill that you can easily learn and share with others! You can practice being happy and achieve happiness!

It does take some effort for some of us, especially those of us who have been unhappy for a long time. If you struggle with depression, for example, happiness might seem to be a far reach, or even a dream. But it is possible to release the depression and find happiness.

How To Be Happy | Divine Healing Hands
One of the keys to being happy is to let go of what you think you want or need and become present to what you have, and be happy with it! Like gratitude,  happiness brings more of the same. It actually brings more of what you want.

And research demonstrates that those "who have" are not happier  on the whole than those who "have not" (beyond a certain level of poverty). That is, happiness is not dependent upon what we have and don't have. As much as we believe we will be happy (or happier) when some certain thing happens or comes, it doesn't prove to be true. This may seem a tough pill to swallow, but waiting for something to happen before you get happy is a big mistake. It keeps you from the happiness you can have right in this moment, and the happiness you can have right in this moment is what will bring you more happiness and more of what you want in life.

How To Be Happy | Divine Healing Hands
So how do we get happy? It will take some practice, depending on how great are the soul blockages and deep the habits of unhappy thinking and feeling are. You can apply soul healing practices to enhance your happiness. There is a beautiful online course available at the Tao Institute called, Happiness - 5 Secrets for Living a Happy, Fulfilling Life, taught by Master Francisco Quintero. In this class you can learn simple but effective practices that help you develop social and emotional well-being. You can be taught how to release blockages to self-love and learn the art of fulfilling yourself and being happy and grateful. Here is the link if you'd like to learn more:

But for now, let's practice entering the happy vibration by chanting the "happy mantra!" In soul healing, the One-Sentence-Secret to Sound Power is: What you chant is what you become.

Master Sha has led his students often with this practice. In English the mantra is "happy happy happy happy"; in Chinese it is "kuaile (pronounced quilla, long "i") kuaile kuaile kuaile" and in Master Sha's soul language it is, "hey ya ya ya ya ya you yi".

Are you ready?

Body Power: Lets move on this one! If you can, stand up and put your mind in your lower abdomen. Relax your arms until you are move and then move or dance according to your soul's guidance, after the invocation and while you chant the mantra.

Soul Power - Say Hello:

Dear Divine, my Heaven's Team, Mother Earth and all souls,
I love you.
You have the power to help me be happy!
Please join me in this practice to bring in more happiness.
Thank you!

Dear my soul,
I love you.
You have the power to be happy and to help me be happy.
Please join me, and please guide my body to move in a way that will help me be happy!
Thank you!

Dear the mantras of "happy", "quila" and "Hey yie yie yie yie yie yoe yi".
I love you.
You have the power to help me to be happy.
Do a good job!
Thank you.

Mind Power: Close your eyes (unless you need them to move around) and visualize beautiful, happy light within and around you!

Sound Power: Chant the mantras, alternating them or chanting the ones you wish:

happy happy happy happy, 
happy happy happy happy,
happy happy happy happy,
happy happy happy happy.

kuaile kuaile kuaile kuaile,
kuaile kuaile kuaile kuaile,
kuaile kuaile kuaile kuaile,
kuaile kuaile kuaile kuaile.

hey yie yie yie yie yie yoe yi,
hey yie yie yie yie yie yoe yi,
hey yie yie yie yie yie yoe yi,
hey yie yie yie yie yie yoe yi.

When you are finished, close with: Hao (perfect). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

How do you feel? Are you happier?

This is a start! Practice this and other soul healing practices. Check out the Tao Institute class. Give yourself love and permission to be happy. And practice being happy now, not when something you think you want or need comes.

Divine Healing Hands can help you bring yourself and others into a Divine field of Divine frequency and vibration, making a soulful difference in your life, enhancing any aspect of life. Divine Healing Hands remove soul blockages, bit by bit, so we can  move toward the life we want to live.

You can apply to receive Divine Healing Hands so you can serve yourself and others at

You can experience Divine Healing Hands Blessings and learn more by joining daily program called Improving Your Health Every Day with Divine Healing Hands on at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET.

We are delighted you tuned in today! Happy, actually. Very happy!

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

How Can We Be Happy? | Divine Healing Hands

November 26, 2016

Be the Light | Divine Healing Hands

Everyday, in every moment, we have a choice. What will we think? What will we speak? What will we see? And what will we do?

For example, two people pass by a homeless person who is begging on the street. Each may see this person very differently. How might you see this person?

When we stop to get our morning coffee, the person serving us may be having a bad day. What do we see? Someone who needs correcting or someone who needs love?

No matter what it is before us, we have a choice in our response. The choice with the most light takes practice. We can begin by simply noticing what choice we are making and realizing that there are other possibilities.

Everything we think say and do is important. We are becoming more and more transparent to one another, and more alert to the truth. It always did matter, and now we are being give the chance to really see how.

So the choice to "be the light" is an important one. How do we do this? We practice thinking, saying, doing things that are filled with light. We practice shining the light in the dark places. Like the lighthouse, just shine the light unconditionally.

Fortunately, Master Sha has given us many ways to shine the light - in exponentially more profound ways than we might have imagined. Here are a few:

1.  Join the Love Peace Harmony World Family and chant Love Peace and Harmony daily, at least 15 minutes or more. Love Peace and Harmony is a Divine Soul Song and Source Mantra that carries very high frequency and vibration. It has been transmitted to all souls. When we chant, we come into "the condition" of these frequencies and vibrations and we are literally turning the light on in all souls. It is a powerful way to serve and to heal and transform your life.

Please read more about the Divine Love Song of Love Peace and Harmony on Visit the Share Stories pages of that site to get ideas for how to put Love Peace and Harmony into action in your community. Spread the light of Love Peace and Harmony!

2.  Receive Divine and Tao permanent soul treasures from Master Sha or one of his Worldwide Representatives. If you are new you can also receive many Divine and Tao treasures from any number of Master Sha's books. For example, the books, Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System and Divine Transformation both offer quite a few Divine Treasures. These will help increase your frequency and vibration and they will shine Divine light inside and out!

Please learn how to heal and transform yourself and others with soul healing wisdom and Divine soul treasures. This will enable you to embody the light more and more, so you can help yourself and others more. And most of all, we invite you to apply and receive Divine Healing Hands, which will transform your life and your ability to shine the light tremendously! You can learn more at

3.  Practice Universal Forgiveness, which calls in all souls and spreads the light of a Divine mantra such as Love Peace and Harmony, God's Light, Shining Soul Light and more. Practice forgiveness for any specific challenge you have or any unpleasant circumstances. This enables you to transform negativity to light, therefore spreading more light while you heal and transform your life.

4.  Develop Divine and Tao qualities in your life, such as love, forgiveness, compassion and more. Master Sha provides lots of tools and techniques to help us embody these qualities more and more, and this blog has a few entries about such qualities. These pursuits will end up transforming your life and making you a happy,  healthy person. You will be able to radiate out more light in all your daily activities.

5. Learn and practice how to remain in the light when you are in difficult circumstances. This takes practice, but all the soul healing wisdom will help you. The key is to remember that everything is a gift, that the trying times are the times of greatest growth opportunity, and the Divine, your soul and your Heaven's team are on duty to make sure you get what you need for your highest good.

6. Finally, reach out for help when you need it. Everybody needs help now and then. We can receive light from others when we can't find it ourselves. What a blessing that is! You can always join the Chanting Channel for support. It's available 24/7 at

So let us all do our best to be the light and shine the light, unconditionally! We need it. Mother Earth needs it. The whole universe needs each one of us to shine brightly now.

With the greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

Be the Light | Divine Healing Hands

November 21, 2016

Creating Moments of Joy | Divine Healing Hands

Creating Moments of Joy | Divine Healing Hands
Life is meant to be enjoyed! How often do you experience joy, and would you like to have more of it?

Joy comes from the heart. When we feel joy, we are open to what the moment brings. We are willing to go into the joy of life, the joy of nature, the joy of relationships, the joy of whatever comes. The expression of joy comes with freedom from what came before and what may come after the moment. It is being present to now.

Joy is, they say, more stable than happiness, which can come and go based on circumstances. Joy lives inside and is ready to express itself even in troubled times. It may not shine as brightly and overtly then, but it speaks a quiet, profound gratitude when things are challenging. The joy sustains us in the hard times, giving us moments of relief and openings to solutions.

If we can't feel joy, we could be suffering depression, anxiety or some other blockages. The most important area to heal is the heart. This is why we will practice to heal our hearts and open them to more joy today.

Creating Moments of Joy | Divine Healing Hands
The heart is the most important organ in the human body. We cannot live without our heart beating and functioning. In that respect, the physical  heart is key to life itself. However the spiritual heart holds important keys also. It leads all the organs and systems of the body.
When the heart is happy and healthy, a person stands a better chance of being happy and healthy in many other ways.

In the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, the heart houses the soul and the mind. On the spiritual journey, Master Sha teaches that the heart holds some of our impurities, such as selfishness, jealousy, greed and more. When the heart is blocked, it is difficult to experience joy.

To open the heart further we can apply soul healing principles and also give Divine soul healing blessings.

Let us heal our hearts today.

Body Power: Place one palm on  your lower abdomen and the other on your heart.

Soul Power - Say Hello:

Dear my beloved heart.
I love you, honor and appreciate you.
You have the power to heal your self, to open up and release blockages and experience more joy.
Do a good job!
Thank you!

Dear Divine (or my Divine Healing Hands)
I love you, honor and appreciate you.
You have the power to heal my heart, to open my heart, to remove blockages, including depression and anxiety, and to increase my joy.
Please heal my heart.
Thank you.

Dear all the souls I or my ancestors have hurt or harmed that have anything to do with blockages in my heart for joy.
I love you, honor and appreciate you.
I deeply apologize for the mistakes we have made that have caused you harm, pain or suffering.
I am committed to purification and unconditional service to humanity.
Can you forgive my ancestors and me?
I am so grateful for your forgiveness.
I forgive you and all souls unconditionally.
I'm very grateful to offer and recieve forgiveness.
Thank you.

Mind Power: visualize beautiful golden light in your heart and Heart Chakra area

Sound Power: Chant silently or aloud:

Divine (Divine Healing Hands) heals my heart and nourishes my joy. Thank you, Divine.
Divine (Divine Healing Hands) heals my heart and nourishes my joy. Thank you, Divine.
Divine (Divine Healing Hands) heals my heart and nourishes my joy. Thank you, Divine....

Chant for 5 minutes or more. Close by thanking all the souls with all your heart. We say, "Hao. Hao. Hao. (perfect) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gong song. Gong song. Gong song (please return)."

Creating Moments of Joy | Divine Healing Hands
We can also develop joy by practicing. To develop more joy in life, take time to smell the roses. Spend time in nature. Appreciate its beauty. Appreciate your loved ones. Appreciate life in some way, no matter how small. Let the spark of joy awaken.

If you really have difficulty, close your eyes and remember joyful moments in time. Relive them. This will reacquaint your soul, heart, mind and body to the joy vibration. Keep practicing!

Finally, make someone else's day. Do something you know will bring another person joy. Make breakfast for your partner. Buy someone their favorite treat. Play fetch with your dog!

Again, life is meant to be enjoyed. Do something to bring joy into your life and the lives of others every day!

Thank you for tuning in.

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team.

Creating Moments of Joy | Divine Healing Hands

November 17, 2016

The Divine Soul Healing Difference | Why Divine Healing Hands?

Many of us have been on a healing journey for a long while. We may have lots of knowledge, information and techniques! But becoming an effective facilitator of healing can take time, and we are constantly presented with new techniques. Truly this is a phenomenal time on Mother Earth. Every soul has the power and potential to grow exponentially at this time.

With soul healing wisdom and techniques, we can apply simple, powerful techniques and see results right away. This is inspiring! It is also the case that some time and practice may be needed to become adept in aligning and applying the various methods of soul healing. With Divine Healing Hands soul healing, however, we instantly have access to Divine's healing power.  With three days of training, we can be proficient in offering Divine Healing Hands soul healing.

In soul healing, there is no doubt who or what is doing the healing - the soul's we invoke do the healing. With Divine Soul Healing, such as Divine Healing Hands, Divine does the healing.

In applying soul healing, we are going to the root cause - to the karmic record and the soul blockages associated with it, to remove or transform them. This can have a "different feel" than many other forms of healing. It may be almost or completely impalpable to some. Some may feel the frequency and vibration of soul healing, or see the light or holy beings during the process, but may not feel blockages removed. Sometimes the energy matter blockages are activated or released with a soul healing and people feel an instant shift or a shifting over a period of time following the healing. Sometimes the soul blockages are cleared and the person has no perception or feeling of it but their lives are changed in powerful ways.

The high frequency and vibration of Divine soul healing produces a tiny wave function, so it feels more like an infusion of light and gentle hum rather than an energetic "woosh". However, when a big blockage is removed or melted, huge shifts can take place on all levels. Soul healing can even activate pain as the soul blockages are removed and the energy moves through where the blockages used to be or bumps up against the next blockages. This is usually a temporary result of energy moving.

The key to appreciating soul healing is to understand the power of removing soul blockages. This is removing karma blockages. This is at the root or causal layer of all our experiences. This is what normally takes time, service, and lessons to clear. Soul healing and in particular, Divine soul healing offers the potential for great impact at deep levels that affect a person's life in ways they may not have the ability to completely understand or believe.

I'd like to share a story. Even though its about Divine Soul Enlightenment, it will demonstrate the point. I used to run a soul healing group from my home. Two neighbor ladies had a friend (also in the neighborhood) in late stages of lung cancer. They came to my house one night and asked if I could do anything. I realized their friend was dying and at the time, Master Sha was getting ready to offer a Soul Enlightenment Retreat. I suggested that these ladies uplift their friends soul.

The ladies agreed and asked me to register their friend for the Soul Enlightenment Order, so I did. Their fiend transitioned right around the time of the Soul Enlightenment Order.

A few weeks later, the husband of the transitioned soul came to my door with another friend. He wanted to know what had been done for his wife. He had been to a spiritual event with a famous medium who shares messages from transitioned souls. His wife's soul came to the medium first thing and urged him to share that what had been done for her made a huge difference in her journey. She kept saying "I'm three levels higher [in Heaven] and learning so much." She said "tell them it matters. It really matters."

My heart was very touched to hear this. I could also see the gratitude and comfort on the husband's face. It boosted my own confidence that as soul healers, we need to reassure people who cannot see, feel or notice the actual blessing that the blessing is profound and cumulative. It all adds up to big change.

With soul healing, the karma blockages are removed - and the record of service is transformed. With the Soul Enlightenment Order, virtue is delivered to our soul, which also transforms our record of service. It addes "good karma.". Both these actions have tremendous impact on our lives and our journeys, even if one doesn't "feel it" in the moment.

These are the unique advantages to Divine soul healing (and of course, the Soul Enlightenment Order). What a blessing it is to be aware of this wisdom and these opportunities!

If you have not received your Divine Healing Hands, you may apply or locate the nearest and next training programs here: You may also join at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET for Improving Your Health with Divine Healing Hands and experience Divine Healing Hands healing blessings.

The Soul Enlightenment Order is generally no longer offered

We are honored to serve you.

With greatest love,

Marsha and Your Divine Healing Hands Team

The Divine Soul Healing Difference | Why Divine Healing Hands?

November 13, 2016

Transform Ingratitude: How to Become a Grateful Person | Divine Healing Hands

Research has shown that gratitude is a necessary ingredient for happiness and leads to many, many life benefits. It also shows that gratitude can be developed with practice. So, why is gratitude still lacking, or hard to come by for many?

Gratitude may seem to elude some of us who may even feel incapable of genuine gratitude, but this is just a blockage and not true! Anyone and everyone can learn gratitude. But for some, it will take discipline and practice. The good news is that the prognosis is very promising!

Research shows that the biggest impediments to gratitude are associated with arrogance, self importance and "narcissistic tendencies". For example, being self-absorbed can prevent us from noticing or recognizing the blessings and the gifts we are constantly being given. Even if someone does us a favor, we may thank them, but move back into our self concern quickly, spending little time in appreciation. This type of existence snow balls and gratitude becomes a distant and infrequent visitor.

Many people who have difficulty with gratitude feel entitled in life, like life owes them something. With this orientation, its hard to develop gratitude because nothing is perceived as a gift!

So how can we move toward gratitude when it is so foreign? Some people may need lots of support. Practice is essential. Soul healing coupled with practice is a winning combination, and Divine soul healing even more important. We need to get help to release the soul blockages that keep these painful patterns in place.

Here is a program that you may find useful:

1.  Every day, no matter what, start and end your day with a note of gratitude. This could be in a journal, or bowing down to the floor and saying thank you, or if  you're really disciplined, a silent prayer upon rising and retiring. Physical action, however, is recommended, to create  and support the discipline. You can start with statements like, "Thank you for this day" or "I am grateful for my partner/mother/son, etc.".  Once you get going, you will likely start adding more, and that's the point! Gratitude yields more gratitude!

(If one is dealing with big blockages and finds this difficult, do it anyway. It might be disingenuous initially. That's OK. Do it anyway. If it ends up bringing up irritation or even anger, this is your opportunity to heal! Employ soul healing on the spot. See many of our blog entries or any of Master Sha's books for help, or comment here).

2.  Throughout your day, say thank you often. If the day escapes you and you realize you haven't done this, put physical reminders in place, such as signs in your car, office and home, or set your phone or watch timer for three different times of the day and when they ring, find a reason to say "thank you". Out loud if at all possible. Even if you thank your computer, or the office, or the apple you're eating.

3.  Do one soul healing practice or Divine Healing Hands blessing a day, for removing blockages to your gratitude and developing or nourishing gratitude. This could be a forgiveness practice coupled with chanting and the Four Powers to remove blockages and bring in divine frequency of gratitude, or Divine Healing Hands blessing.

4.  As you grow in gratitude, see if you can spend longer periods of time experiencing gratitude. Chant Divine gratitude or Da Gan En - Greatest Gratitude. What you chant is what you become!

Gratitude is a key to success in life and on the spiritual journey. Master Sha says growth and progress are very slow without gratitude, so its worth your time and attention to develop gratitude. Plus, it leads to so many positive outcomes!

We are honored to be a part of your gratitude development. Happy gratitude building! We will see you in the happier, healthier side of life!

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

November 8, 2016

Embody Your Spiritual Essence | Divine Healing Hands

Many of us understand that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It's a common phrase in spiritual circles. Knowing we are spiritual beings doesn't mean we necessarily embody our spiritual essence that well. How do we do that?

One of the biggest blockages to embodying our spiritual essence can be the mind, which is home base for the ego. For many, the soul is trying to guide their lives, but their minds are not cooperating. Maybe also the heart is not pure enough. These are the issues with embodying our spirit.

How can we transform our hearts and minds to be more open to our spirit? Meditation, prayer, spiritual practice helps. Ancient wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that the heart houses both the mind and the soul. The purity of the heart then is essential to making spiritual progress and for connecting in a pure way the soul and the mind.

In order to open our minds we must open our hearts. To work on both these levels is very important. In addition to our meditation and other forms of commitment to growth, we can go to the soul of the heart and mind and clear the soul blockages - the negative karma, to further open the path to embodying more of our soul's essence!

To clear heart and mind level soul blockages takes practice. Divine soul healing is of huge benefit. In working to transform our mental and emotional blockages, we can move forward with greater success when we receive blessings! We will start with an amazing blessing for the heart,which can be found on Master Sha's Youtube channel along with many others:

Tao Song Blessing for Inspiration from the Heart, with Master Francisco

The blessing in this video can remove blockages from your heart and improves alignment with your soul journey. You can listen to it over and over to receive more blessings! You can also implement a variety of soul healing practices and blessings to remove blockages from your heart. The heart blockages have to do with impurities such as greed, jealousy, selfishness and more. Practice forgiveness and chant to heal and open your heart!

Now we will share a practice to open your mind and heal your mental body, which can transform blockages of ego, attachments, negative mindsets, attitudes and beliefs.

Here is a practice adapted from pages 103-04 of the Divine Healing Hands book:

Body Power: Sit up straight. Close your eyes. Place one palm over your navel and the other over your heart.

Soul Power - Say Hello:

Dear Divine (or Dear my Divine Healing Hands)
I love you
You have the power to heal and transform my mental body by removing my negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego, attachments, and more, so that I can open further to my soul essence and the spark of Divine that I am.
Please offer a soul healing blessing as appropriate.
Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize golden light from the Divine Healing Hands shining in  your heart and soul.

Sound Power: Chant silently or aloud:

Divine (or Divine Healing Hands) brings clarity to my mind and transforms m negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego, attachments and more. Thank you.
Divine (or Divine Healing Hands) brings clarity to my mind and transforms m negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego, attachments and more. Thank you.
Divine (or Divine Healing Hands) brings clarity to my mind and transforms m negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego, attachments and more. Thank you.

Chant for as long as you wish. Be sure to be grateful to the Divine when you close the practice. We say, "Hao. Hao. Hao. (perfect). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We will close by suggesting that you deliver a Soul Order to your heart and mind, to embody your soul essence further. The Soul Order takes your soul's power and expresses it, to influence  your heart and mind. The soul is the boss of the heart and mind. Eventually, the heart and mind must align with the soul for healing and enlightenment and more.

Soul Orders my heart and mind to follow my soul and the Divine, to receive their love and guidance with gratitude, obedience, loyalty and devotion.
Soul Orders my heart and mind to follow my soul and the Divine, to receive their love and guidance with gratitude, obedience, loyalty and devotion.
Soul Orders my heart and mind to follow my soul and the Divine, to receive their love and guidance with gratitude, obedience, loyalty and devotion.....

Chant this often. Release your soul blockages and embody your true self more and more.

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

November 4, 2016

Uninvited Guests, Soul Conferencing and Blessings - Creating a Healthy Home Environment | Divine Healing Hands

The opportunities to utilize the wisdom and practices of of soul healing for the greatest good are endless! In this case, let us explore how we can help resolve the issues of insects in the home (or garden).

Depending on where  you live on Mother Earth, insects and bugs could be more or less an issue. For instance, I live in Florida and there are plenty of insects and critters that like to come inside and live. I've had my fair share of visitors!

If you have unwanted visitors who take up residency, to begin the healing process, you may first wish to ask if there is a message related to their presence. I find all animals and insects that appear up close and personal have a message for me. This can help with the process a lot. It can help you appreciate them and work though a resolution.

Second, communicate with them, soul to soul. Heal any great disharmony if possible. Practice forgiveness. Give them love and depending on the circumstances, you can ask them to limit their residency or prepare to move. For instance, with spiders, I rarely encounter them anymore, but when I do, I no longer make it my goal to "get them out" as soon as possible. I talk to them and ask them to stay in certain areas, not to scare me. I have actually become friends with them. (This is a long way from the terror and fascination I used to have!) But I have asked spiders to leave before and chanted for them. To my amazement, in a matter of hours or days, they actually migrated toward the door and I was able to open it and let them out. Prior to this I would have to captured them and taken them out.

With ants and roaches, the issue can grow rapidly. One must take action soul to soul with clarity. Connect with them, connect with the leader, give love and appreciation and let them know you wish not to harm them. Practice forgiveness for any imbalances in you and your family that may have invited them and thank them. You might tell them they will need to leave and suggested a time frame to do so. Tell them you will continue to practice forgiveness and bless their journey to move on. Chant for them. This can result in remarkable success.

An amazing example of how soul communication, forgiveness and chanting can resolve an invasion of insects is also available here: Gloria Kovacevich shares the story, which is called: Love Peace Harmony and Nature.

Finally, I can share a story that may help us see how cooperative all souls can be and to encourage us to keep an open mind. I once had an "invasion" of geckos in my house. I call it an invasion because there were at least a few, not just one (like everyone occasionally has in Florida).  And I knew they were numerous because of what they left behind. When I joined my soul communication group, I asked everyone to flow on why they were with me. Everyone on the line offered messages that they were there to help - to serve.

I started to inquire and I learned from a local expert that they could be the greatest form of natural  "pest" control and at that time, where I was living was starting to get "buggy". The geckos followed natures way and did their thing. I chanted, blessed them and thanked them and sooner or later, all the creatures, including the geckos, were gone!

Last but not least, with Divine Healing Hands (and with other soul healing practices), we can bless our homes and ourselves to remove blockages that draw in the "unwanted residents." We can give blessings to them to find a new home. And we can extend this to bless our gardens, property and neighborhood, too. We can ask for balance of nature in our neighborhoods, as appropriate. How blessed we are!

Thank you for reading and we hope this serves you well.

Greatest love,

Marsha and the Divine Healing Hands Team