September 25, 2016

Pathway to Wellness Program - A Revolutionary Healing Program with Divine Healing Hands, Part 2

We continue our interview with Master Venier about the revolutionary Pathway to Wellness Program.

Divine Healing Hand Team: Why do you feel Divine Healing Hands is the way to heal serious and chronic diseases? 

Master Venier: Divine Healing Hands: 

  • Empowers people to participate in their healing process and the healing process of others. 
  • Is a powerful spiritual healing tool that helps people address healing at all levels: soul, heart, mind, energy and matter.  
  • Can remove deep blockages and bring deep healing at the level of the cell, cell units, RNA, DNA, energy pathways and tiny matter. 
  • Is effective and simple to use and can offer healing to individuals or groups, in person or remotely, with no limitation to the benefits. 
  • Augments all healing modalities and treatments, with no side effects, and is flexible, highly accessible and practical.  
  • Inspires and opens one's heart to healing, compassion and service.

With Divine Healing Hands people can directly send healing to their own body and have profound healing experiences not limited by the expertise of the practitioner or type of treatment paradigm. The person who is ill becomes the conduit of the healing power through the sacred transmission.  

Divine Healing Hands also provides an opportunity to be part of a larger community focused on healing and service, reducing the stress, separation, hopelessness and aloneness many experience when faced with chronic and serious health challenges. To be of service to oneself and others optimizes the healing benefits of Divine Healing Hands and brings greater joy, peace and happiness.   

Finally, Divine Healing Hands deeply reconnects us to the power of soul and to Divine presence and light. Through life circumstances, most people have not truly experienced the power of their soul, or inner love and Divine love. Divine Healing Hands and Pathway to Wellness facilitate the development a Divine relationship with one's own soul, heart, mind and body, with others and with all aspects of life. Divine Healing Hands are life transforming.

How Pathway to Wellness Program Changed Hanna's Life

Divine Healing Hands Team: How many times has the program run and what has been the result? 

It has run four times and we are currently in the process of our fifth program. We have helped people with many different conditions, such as: leukemia, uterine, breast, lung, spinal column and prostrate cancer, heart disease, mental health disorders, thyroid issues, depression and anxiety, stress and insomnia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lack of mobility, autoimmune issues, chronic back pain and muscular inflammation, dementia and memory loss, kidney and adrenal issues, pain and inflammation in bones, brain and muscular skeletal issues. 

Almost without exception, people do not want the program to end, and many return for the next program offering. 

Divine Healing Hands Team: Thank you for telling us about the Pathway to Wellness Program. It's truly revolutionary! In closing, is there anything you'd like to add?

Master Venier: Yes, thank you. This program is truly a gift of love from the Divine and Master Sha. Many individuals served to make this happen with their great love, compassion and service to all those in need of support, healing and rejuvenation. I want to express my gratitude to them and greatest gratitude to all those that participated in the program and who gave us their trust and an opportunity to be of service. 

I would like to say that Soul Healing Miracles are very real, as Master Sha and the Divine Channels have helped create hundreds of thousands. It is absolutely possible for those with critical health issues to experience such miracles. I am a living testament of this. It is also important to honor and respect every person's health choice and process. In soul healing there is no one size fits all. We are working at the level of soul and each soul is unique. Each person's soul healing miracle can look and feel different. As an example of a "living miracle", I still have the diagnosis of a critical illness and advanced cancer, but I am also still here five years later, a deeply changed person who has greater joy, happiness, and inner peace, and a more open heart than I have ever known. I have the ability and greatest honor to serve, to teach and to offer blessings to those that are ill and to all of humanity, as one of Master Sha's Divine Channels. I most grateful and humbled. 

Thank you again, Master Viener! What an incredible program and opportunity. Please keep us informed on the Pathway to Wellness Program, which is offered via webcast and teleconference. Everyone is blessed to have access to this type of healing program. For more information go to:

Your loving Divine Healing Hands Team


September 20, 2016

Pathway to Wellness Program - A Revolutionary Healing Program with Divine Healing Hands, Part 1

How to heal myself | Find support to heal myself | Divine Healing Hands | Pathway to Wellness

The Pathway to Wellness Program is an extraordinary new healing program that offers participants mental, emotional, spiritual and practical support on the road to healing and transformation. Participants are supported, coached and cared for over 8 weeks while they learn healing principles and practical techniques of soul healing. There is a lot to this program that makes it truly remarkable, including regularly administered high level Divine and Tao Healing Blessings, such as Divine Healing Hands Blessings, and the opportunity to become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer. 

How can I learn to heal myself | How can I find support to heal myself | Divine Healing Hands | Pathway to Wellness
Master Venier Wong
"With Divine Healing Hands people can directly send healing to their own body, having profound healing experiences not limited by the expertise of a practitioner or type of treatment paradigm. The person who is ill becomes the conduit of the healing power through the sacred transmission." Master Venier Wong  

Master Venier has been with the program since it's inception and agreed to answer some questions from our Divine Healing Hands Team (DHH Team).

Divine Healing Hands Team: What makes Pathway to Wellness such a unique and powerful program? 

Master Venier: We offer an incredible amount of healing guidance, blessings, techniques and support through a variety of means, including 1) weekly in person and webcast group healing and soul guided
meditation sessions, 2) Regular Divine Healing Hands Blessings and Tao Calligraphy Blessings, 3) access to powerful Tao Sacred Healing Room and Tao Chang (Tao Field), 4) two daily sessions applying healing protocols and easy, effective techniques by teleconference, 5) weekly follow-up, 6) guidance and regular support from Divine Channels, including readings and healing plans developed with a Divine Channel. Plus we offer a great deal of love, care and compassion every week, 6 days a week! 

Divine Healing Hands Team: That's incredible! What was the inspiration behind it?

Master Venier: Having experience in designing change programs, I understand how important it is to empower people to achieve their goals, which in this case, is improved health or total healing. As someone who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and told that statistically, I had about 6 to 12 months to live (without conventional treatment), I have a deep understanding of the healing journey and the power of soul healing. In addition to any Divine or Tao Healing we may receive, it is vital to learn and apply soul healing wisdom, principles and techniques to be able to master the karmic lesson behind the soul blockage, which requires transformation of our hearts, our consciousness, and more. It is a healing journey of the soul much more than a healing of a specific health condition. Since healing is a process, not a singular act, it requires sustained effort, ongoing support, and the power of Divine and Tao healing. We created a program that focuses on the individual's wellness, their empowerment and healing process, and structured healing sessions that are powerful, participatory, practical and loving.

Divine Healing Hands Team: Again, incredible! What might prevent people from sustaining such a healing path? 

The concept that healing is a path and process and not only a result may be difficult for people to accept. This is understandable, especially for those who are in pain or suffering for a long time. They want the pain to stop. They want a solution. Healing could take place immediately or it may happen in layers or over time. Not everyone can sustain their healing journey, especially without effective healing tools, ongoing support and community. This is what we are providing.

To make a choice which is not conventional or medically prescribed is not always easy. There can be blockages. It requires a great deal of strength, trust, and faith and can deeply challenge us. A comprehensive healing and support program strengthens people's soul, heart, mind and body, helps them develop confidence in their healing process, and empowers and inspires them to meet healing goals over time.

-------------------------------  to be continued ----------------------------

Tune into the next blog entry to learn why Master Venier believes Divine Healing Hands is the way to heal serious and chronic conditions, and how the program has been received so far!

You can apply to receive Divine Healing Hands and join a Global Certification Retreat this Sept. 23 - 25! Learn more here: 

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

September 17, 2016

Living Loving Relationships at Home | Divine Healing Hands

Living Loving Relationships at Home | Divine Healing Hands

Whether we live with our parents, spouses or partners, children, friends or some combination of these, we all wish for loving, peaceful and happy relationships at home. 

Divine Healing Hands can enhance and uplift our relationships, bringing in the Divine frequencies of love, light, forgiveness, compassion and more, to heal, balance and develop our relationships at home. Divine Healing Hands blessings flow these divine frequencies through our family relations at every request, to increase the divine qualities within them.

Living Loving Relationships at Home | Divine Healing Hands
There's no end to the application of Divine Healing Hands for loving relationships at home! Offering Divine Healing Hands infuses everyone with the Divine's frequency and vibration. This can make a huge difference in family relations. 

It can open hearts and transform consciousness. It can improve confidence, happiness, faith, trust, intimacy, honesty and so much more. It can fill your home with greater and greater levels of Divine qualities.

We can also apply Divine Healing Hands on a case by case basis, to help heal blockages in family relations. 

For example, there could be disharmony between a mother and daughter. This could be an ongoing issue that creates tension in the home. We need not worry about the details. We can just send a blessing to help remove blockages and heal the root cause - the soul blockages. 

This mother and daughter have been together before. Their souls have relationship that spans beyond their current incarnation. They also have their individual soul blockages.

Living Loving Relationships at Home | Divine Healing Hands
We can offer a Divine Healing Hands blessing to the mother, the daughter and the soul of their relationship, to remove soul blockages (karma), heart and mind blockages (jealousy, selfishness, anger, and more; negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, attachments and more), enabling their souls, hearts and minds to open more, so they can experience more ease and grace in the situation. 

The healing could remove the tension completely, or bit by bit, so that mom and/or daughter find they can relate more lovingly, or with a new attitude or perspective.

As another example, imagine that there a health concern for a family member that is weighing on the family. Though great love is present, there are other emotions rooted in fear, control, fatigue, and more that are challenging family relations.

heal relationships | heal family
Divine Healing Hands can serve in multiple ways. First, blessings can go to the one with the health concern to improve their condition. 

Regarding family relations, blessings can go to the soul of the family and each family member and their relationships to increase their love and compassion, understanding and support, confidence and trust. 

Divine Healing Hands can boost energy, remove blockages of fear, and bring in greatest love to help the family be present to their hearts. (In times of stress or crisis, we can offer blessings multiple times a day, with guidance).

There truly is no end to how Divine Healing Hands can help us live loving relationships at home. In any and every moment, we can offer blessings to our loved ones to bring them into greater and greater frequencies of Divine love, light, forgiveness, compassion and more. 

We can truly make a difference in our relations at home with regular blessings that remove soul mind body blockages, enabling each individual to learn and grow with more ease and grace. 

If you want to deeply to help your family in any aspect of life, receive Divine Healing Hands.

heal relationships | heal family

We have several Divine Healing Hands Families, in which every family member has received Divine Healing Hands! They can implement Divine Healing Hands together or individually at any time, for their family relations, health, finances and more! And of course they can help their community and all souls of Mother Earth. What a beautiful thing! To read about two such beautiful families, go to: add blog link(s)  here. 

We hope to see more and more Divine Healing Hands Families and Divine Healing Hands healers. Go to to learn more.

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

Living Loving Relationships at Home | Divine Healing Hands  heal relationships | heal family

September 11, 2016

Living Loving Relationships with Ourselves, with Divine Healing Hands

Our relationship with ourselves is so very important! It is symbolic of our relationship with everyone and everything, including the Divine. There are many adages about this. 

We are all here to learn about love, and to love ourselves is a good place to start. 

How can we tell if we love ourselves? We can tell by how we feel. How happy and satisfied are we? Do we honor and respect ourselves? Can we acknowledge and forgive our mistakes? Is our service filled with love?

Even if we do love ourselves, there is always room for growth. How can we live a more and more loving relationship with ourselves? Every moment as an opportunity to love. Every step forward in life is a step forward in self love.

Divine Healing Hands and other methods of soul healing can help us a great deal to have a loving relationship with ourselves. First of all, to receive Divine Healing Hands brings the presence of Divine into our being in a very real and palpable way. This can touch our hearts and open our hearts to love. Each time we invoke our Divine Healing Hands we are connecting with Divine love and other Divine qualities. 

Standing in the way of greater self-love are soul blockages, or karma. Karma blockages are blockages associated with unpleasant service we and our ancestors have given in this and in past lives. 

May find a better image  here also
Normally we must learn lessons, practice forgiveness and offer lots of good service to release karma. This is still the pathway to self-clear karma, and also a pathway to live a loving relationship with ourselves!

However, Divine Healing Hands can greatly facilitate this process because Divine Healing Hands have Divine power to clear our self-love karma, bit by bit, removing soul blockages and filling the space with Divine love and other qualities.

When we receive Divine Healing Hands, we can infuse ourselves with the Divine's love and light at any time.

Imagine how wonderful life can be when you can invoke Divine's healing power regularly, for any aspect of your life and for all aspects of your relationship with yourself. There is no limit!

Through Divine Healing Hands blessings, we can remove blockages, nourish ourselves with Divine qualities, and be infused with Divine frequency and vibration on a regular basis.

During times of need, we have our own direct channel to Divine's loving healing. We can be our own best healer. We can open our hearts to the Divine and to ourselves more and more with each blessing, transforming all that is not loving of ourselves and others.

We can become more and more aligned with the Divine, which is to live loving relationships with ourselves and all souls.

Receiving Divine Healing Hands is one of the most loving things one can do for themselves, their loved ones and for humanity.

When you receive Divine Healing Hands do not forget to serve yourself. Offer yourself Divine Healing Hands a minimum of once daily, if not more. This can be a yardstick for your self love!

You and your loved ones can apply to receive Divine Healing Hands and become certified this Sept. 23 - 25, 2016! Here are the details:

Please join our daily program called, Improving Your Health Every Day with Divine Healing Hands on at 10 a.m., 5 p.m., and 11 p.m. ET. Receive blessings on this program so you can "taste the pear"!

With Greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

September 7, 2016

Feng Shui Your Space | Divine Healing Hands

We all enjoy the benefits of comfortable, pleasing living environments, work spaces, and social environments. And millions are spent on interior decorating for homes, offices and businesses each year.

However, more and more people are interested in the ancient placement art of feng shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with the surrounding environment and optimizing the flow of qi.

Feng shui (feng means wind, shui means water) aims not just to make a space optimal in terms of appearance, but also for one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, relationships, finances and more.

There are many traditions of feng shui. One can focus on location, placement and direction of buildings as well as the flow of qi inside buildings, homes, rooms and offices. according to an ancient model based on the I Ching called the bagua.

In the ba gua model, there are eight trigrams or individual guas that each relate to an element or land form, specific wisdom or knowledge, and an area of life.

In reference to interior space, the 8 guas or trigrams are represented in certain areas of the home, space or building. The following life areas are represented: Career, Knowledge/Wisdom, Family/Health, Wealth, Fame, Relationship, Creativity, and Helpful people/Heaven/Spirit.

The idea is that one can optimize the flow of qi through feng shui design - using color, placement of furniture, plants, and more, to enhance the "health and vitality" of the area of life in each gua.

There is also much deeper wisdom and spiritual significance to the status of any gua in the home, as it represents the individual's interaction with his or her life in that gua area.

One of the most important teachings of soul healing is that everyone and everything has a soul. Your home and office have souls. So does your relationship with each of these life areas, or each gua in the bagua model.

You can find traditional feng shui "cures" for blockages in qi, such as light, sound, movement, color, shape, mirrors, etc., which is to support the health and vitality of each gua in your life/ More importantly, however, you can go deeper into the root cause of the blockage(s) by healing your soul and the soul of that area of your life. You can remove the blockages at the soul level with Divine Healing Hands!

Once you determine that an area of your home has blocked energy, you can look inside yourself and explore how this could be happening in your soul,  heart, mind and body. You can implement Divine soul healing along side traditional cures to facilitate rapid transformation, opening up the flow of qi in the space as well as the healing the soul, heart, mind and body.

Here is an example of how to apply Divine soul healing to your career and career gua:

Apply Divine Healing Hands to Feng Shui Your Career Gua

Place your hands in the Soul Light Era Prayer Position.

Say Hello:

Dear Divine, Tao, Source and all my spiritual mothers and fathers,
Dear my Divine Healing Hands,
I love, honor and appreciate you.
You have the power to heal and transform the soul of my career and any inner and outer blockages in my life with regard to my career, including the career area/gua in my home. You have the power to remove blockages and to replace them with Divine frequency and vibration of love, light, forgiveness and compassion so that I may move forward free of blockages in my career.
Please offer this healing now, as appropriate.
Thank you.

Put your mind on the soul of your career and the gua/location in your home. Visualize beautiful light filling these souls.

Chant with your Divine Healing Hands Blessing: Divine Healing Hands, Divine Healing Hands, Divine Healing Hands, Divine Healing Hands....

Notice while you give the blessing any third eye images, any messages, any inspirations. You can even ask for a message from Divine or from the soul of your career, to receive wisdom for your healing. You can ask what is needed in the gua and in your own actions to move forward and to enhance your career.

After the blessing is finished, close with: Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love you. Love you. Love you. Gong song. Gong song. Gong song.


This is how you can invoke your Divine Healing Hand to help feng shui your spaces. As the clearing and healing takes place, changes will occur in your soul, heart, mind and body and in the energy of the space.

We are so grateful to share this wisdom with you. Please let us know your comments below.

We are so blessed!

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

August 31, 2016

Finding Flourishing | Divine Healing Hands

To flourish is to thrive and grow, to evolve in a life affirming way. 

Flourishing is associated with a flow of abundance - all kinds of abundance. 

We can flourish in our health, our relationships, our careers, our creativity, our love and forgiveness, and more. We can flourish in so many ways! But how do we get there?

In the field of positive psychology, flourishing represents living within an optimal range of human functioning. Those who flourish are often living with greater resilience, well-being, growth    and goodness, for example. This may require positive mindsets, attitudes and beliefs, the willingness to take appropriate action, and more. How do we acquire all “the right stuff?” 

Well, we can practice. And we can deliver soul healing - Divine Soul Healing if you have Divine Healing Hands! Here are several ideas for soul healing to increase flourishing:

  • Any time you are struggling with feelings or thoughts that are not aligned with your flourishing, give yourself a blessing for transformation - to remove soul blockages to developing a more positive outlook or way of thinking and feeling. This is very much a key to flourishing.
  • Directly develop your flourishing vibration by asking Divine Healing Hands to heal blockages to flourishing and to nourish flourishing.
  • Ask Divine Healing Hands to remove negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments that prevent you from developing positive emotions like gratitude and optimism.
  • Ask Divine Healing Hands to bless various aspects of life where you want to see more flourishing, such as career, finances, relationships. Do this regularly.
  • Develop a plan for Divine Healing Hands Blessings! Do them daily. 

For everyone who does not yet have Divine Healing Hands, we will show you a soul healing practice that will also remove blockages and heal and transform your abundance. It's amazing how powerful soul healing is. You have the power to heal yourself and your flourishing!

Body Power: Sit up straight with feet flat on the ground and back away from the chair if able. Place one palm on your lower abdomen and one palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra).

Soul Power - Say Hello:

Dear Divine,
Dear all my spiritual mothers and fathers, 
Dear my Heaven's team,
Dear the soul of Divine Flourishing,
I love you, honor you and appreciate you.
You have the power to bless my flourishing
Please heal/bless my flourishing.Thank you!

Dear all souls who I or my ancestors have hurt or harmed, especially as it relates to my flourishing (you can add: in  __________ area).
I love you and honor you.
I'm deeply sorry for the mistakes I and my ancestors have made that cause you to suffer in any way.
I ask for your forgiveness today.
I will no longer hurt or harm in these ways, and I will be a better servant.
Please forgive me and my ancestors.
I'm very grateful.

Mind Power: visualize golden, rainbow, purple or crystal light filling your Message Center/Heart Chakra.

Sound Power - Chant silently or aloud:

Soul of Divine Flourishing heals and blesses my flourishing, thank you.
Soul of Divine Flourishing heals and blesses my flourishing, thank you.
Soul of Divine Flourishing heals and blesses my flourishing, thank you.

When you are finished, close with:

Hao. Hao. Hao. (perfect, get well)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Love you. Love you. Love you.
Gong song. Gong song. Gong song. (respectfully return).

We wish you Da Chang Sheng - Greatest Flourishing! Do this practice regularly and you could see wonderful results.

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

August 20, 2016

Random Acts of Love | Divine Healing Hands

Random Acts of Love | Divine Healing Hands
Everyday we have the opportunity to make someone's day brighter. From the moment we open our eyes, we have opportunities to love.

We can love ourselves, our home, our family and loved ones, our neighbors and colleagues, the people on the road, on the sidewalk, at the gas station, in the store, the lands and waters, the animals and plants, and more.

There is no end to the souls we can touch with our love. We can touch the universe with our love. Love knows no bounds.

Random acts of love are most beautiful and contagious. Can you stop and think of a time you were the benficiary of a random act of love? Wasn't it wonderful? What a way to open the heart! It opens the heart of the one who gives and the one who receives.

Random acts of love are one of the best experiences we can have!

Random Acts of Love | Divine Healing Hands
Could we commit to at least one random act of love a day? Helping someone unexpectedly, even if it is to smile at them?

We could buy the groceries of the person before us in line, or call someone to let them know how loved and appreciated they are. We could go out of our way to compliment our co-workers.

How many ideas can you come up with?

Sometimes we may wish we could do more for people. Sometimes we may need to ask the Divine or whoever you believe in for help to give our love, because we may not feel it. Everybody needs help sometimes!

This is why it is most miraculous and incredible to have Divine Healing Hands - a Divine treasure that is the Divine's soul hand, with which we may offer the Divine's pure love, pure light, pure forgiveness and pure compassion and more, the Divine's frequency and vibration, to those souls we are called to serve, at a moment's notice.

I have known many Divine Soul Healers, myself included, who have been able to spontaneously serve people we would call "strangers" - those we met at the supermarket, the airport, walking the neighborhood, or anywhere else in our journeys, who are suffering and we end up in conversation with them and are guided to offer them a blessing.

It's incredibly heart opening to be able to do this for those who are humble enough to receive. Many miraculous healings have occurred with this kind of act of love, I am certain.

Random Acts of Love | Divine Healing Hands
People need love. People need healing.

To have Divine Healing Hands and to be able to put a smile on someone's face who is in pain is so incredibly rewarding.

To be able to offer any relief is heart touching.

If we could all help even one person every day like this we could change the world!

What will be your next random act of love? To help someone across the street? To offer a donation to someone in need? To lend a compassionate ear to someone who needs to be heard? Or will you, too, be to offer a Divine Healing Hands blessing?

We challenge everyone who sees this blog to kick it up a notch. Let us engage in more random acts of love. And let us spread the Divine Healing Hands movement so that more and more people will have this amazing implement in their tool box!

Tell us about your random acts of love here! To learn more about Divine Healing Hands please go to and be sure to join the Improving Your Health Every Day with Divine Healing Hands programs on the Chanting Channel at at 10 a.m., 5 p.m., and 11 p.m. ET daily.

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

Random Acts of Love | Divine Healing Hands