October 28, 2016

Generosity and Divine Soul Healing | Divine Healing Hands

Develop Generosity with Divine Soul Healing | Divine Healing Hands
Generosity is involved in a constellation of traits and behaviors that lead to an upward spiral of all things good. Generous people are happier, healthier, and more grateful, and they tend to have open hearts.

Generosity is also one of those things, like gratitude, that some people experience more naturally than others, but that we can all develop.

Generosity can be scary for the undeveloped giver. Our brains have a giving region, but they also have a very big region for reasoning and contemplating all the 'what ifs' of giving. People may be afraid of losing something - something even more than what they give away, feeling they may become drained in some way.

But of course, it is quite the contrary. Those who are generous and who (appropriately) give their time, energy, money and more to others receive back what they give, many fold.

Research shows that the secret to developing generosity and all its benefits is to do what you do regularly. We don't necessarily benefit from one or two gestures or acts of giving or volunteering, for example, but doing so regularly changes us. Generally we become happier and healthier!

So how can we become generous if we feel we threatened by it or feel we have little to give?

Develop Generosity with Divine Soul Healing | Divine Healing Hands
First, just as there is always something to be grateful for, there is always something we can give. We can give our love, for example. We can give our smile. We can give our wisdom and knowledge. We can give our expertise. We can lend a hand. We can do so much.

With Master Sha's soul healing, the sky is the limit when it comes to giving and serving. Master Sha has brought forth some of the most brilliant forms of service that anyone can do at any time. This does not mean that we should not give in other, more traditional ways. But it does mean that we can always give in very meaningful and powerful ways, even if we are sick, economically challenged, or too busy to be somewhere in person to donate our time. We can always chant, for example.

Develop Generosity with Divine Soul Healing | Divine Healing Hands
Chanting and meditating are serving. To chant Love Peace and Harmony is serving in an exponentially powerful way, because it carries Divine and Source frequencies and has been transmitted to all souls for service.

Learn more about this beloved Divine Soul Song and the ways you can serve by going to www.LovePeaceHarmony.org.

We can also give soul love and healing to people anywhere, at any time. If we are Divine Soul Healers, we can give Divine Soul Healing to others as we are guided to or asked. These are both powerful forms of service and ways we can develop a generous heart.

But what if we just have trouble giving? What then? We can practice soul healing to remove our blockages and to nourish and grow our generosity.

We will practice a Soul Order to develop our generosity today!

A Soul Order is a soul giving an order to do something good - like heal or transform. Our body soul is the leader of all our inner souls. Our body soul has power to influence our soul, heart, mind and body. We will apply a Soul Order from our body soul to our entire soul system, including not just our organs, systems, cells, etc., but also our mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, emotions and more.

We will chant the following Soul Order to heal blockages to generosity and to develop generosity. Let us add the Four Powers:'

Body Power: sit up straight and place one palm on your lower abdomen and one palm on your heart.

Soul Power - Say Hello:
Dear my beloved soul (body soul),
I love, honor and appreciate you.
Please give a Soul Order to all my inner souls to release blockages to my generosity and to develop generosity. Thank you!
Dear all my inner souls, from head to toe, skin to bone,
I love you.
You have the power to develop more generosity.
Do a good job!
Thank  you.

Mind Power: visualize golden light filling your entire body and especially your torso, heart and mind areas.

Sound Power: Chant the following Soul  Order:

Soul Order's all layers of my soul, heart, mind and body to release blockages to my generosity and to develop greater generosity.
Soul Order's all layers of my soul, heart, mind and body to release blockages to my generosity and to develop greater generosity.
Soul Order's all layers of my soul, heart, mind and body to release blockages to my generosity and to develop greater generosity.

After chanting for 3 - 5 minutes or longer (longer is better), you can close the practice. (Note, one should only give Soul Orders to oneself. You can learn more about Soul Orders in the book: Power of Soul pictured to your left).
Remember to give gratitude.

To chant a Soul Order regularly will generate changes. Chant often!

You can also do other soul healing practices and deliver Divine Healing Hands blessings to increase your generosity. This will remove blockages the Divine way (faster and easier!).

We are incredibly blessed to have Divine's Healing Hand's. It just takes a few moments of our time to connect and allow the Divine Healing Hands to do their work. Regular blessings are often the key to making changes in our lives.

You can learn more about Divine Healing Hands at www.DivineHealingHands.com and by joining the daily programs for Improving your Health with Divine Healing Hands on TV.DrSha.com, which runs 24/7. The Divine Healing Hands programs are at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET daily.

Many blessings to you!

Your Divine Healing  Hands Team

Develop Generosity with Divine Soul Healing | Divine Healing Hands

October 21, 2016

Loving Relationships with our Homes, Cars and more | Divine Healing Hands

One of the things that Master Sha's soul healing awakens in us is a deeper connection of love, honor and respect for everyone and everything in our lives, including our home, cars, possessions and belongings. In fact, when we stop to consider that everyone and everything has a soul (and a soul journey), we are wise to learn proper care and responsibility.

Some of us are better at this than others! Some seem naturally to be more apt and willing to properly care for their belongings, while others may live in an imbalanced relationship with their "stuff", perhaps creating some challenges. It can be heart rendering to suddenly realize how we've treated other souls. At the same time, there's a lot to attend to in life on Mother Earth and we all have our priorities!

Life does become a bit more fascinating when we realize that everything has a soul. Our computer has a soul; the chair has a soul; and the grain of sand has a soul. These souls have a journey and like us, they can have soul blockages. We can assist and uplift them and our own journeys by including them in our soul healing. We can bless our homes, our cars, our personal property, etc. It is a beautiful way to serve these souls and of course, it will help them to continue to serve us better.

In the soul healing community it is not uncommon to hear of vehicles, water heaters, computers, and more coming out of malfunction with soul healing, and in particular, Divine Healing Hands Blessings. Divine Healing Hands will go into the soul and remove the blockages, as appropriate. Such blessings can definitely improve the longevity and quality of your home, appliances, automobiles and more. But it requires our intercession - we are the conduit.

We have put together some recommendations for you to expand soul healing to your environment and belongings:

1. When you wake in the morning, give your home a blessing. If you have Divine Healing Hands, invoke them to bless your home and help keep it filled with Divine love and light. If you do not have Divine Healing Hands, apply Divine soul healing by Saying Hello to your home, with love. Say Hello to your higher power, such as the Divine and your Heaven's team, and ask them to fill your home with love. Ask them to bless your home to be a happy home. Chant for your home.

2. As you drive to work or where ever you may go, give your car love and blessings in the same manner. Appreciate you car!

3. Do this for all the things in your life that you may tend to take for granted. Maybe for a period of time, you can bless a list of souls, including things like your stove or water heater, your computer, your phone, your favorite things that may be getting old and worn, etc. They will greatly appreciate this!

4. When you use anything, thank it and give it your love and appreciation. Bless it on the spot.

5. At the end of the day, give thanks again to all these souls and others you have encountered that day, sending love and blessings.

You can find the Say Hello formula and the Four Power Techniques in a large percentage of these blog posts and in any of Master Sha's books!

You can find out more about Divine Healing Hands by going to the website: www.DivineHealingHands.com.

You can learn more about all of this by joining the Chanting Channel at www.TV.DrSha.com anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We are delighted to serve you.

Thank you.

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

October 17, 2016

5 Keys to Improving Your Divine Guidance | Divine Healing Hands

To be able to confidently receive Divine guidance is a tremendous gift. After all, how are we to ever really serve our purpose without Divine guidance?

The teaching of Master Sha is very clear. The purpose of life is to serve. To serve is to make others healthier and happier.

How can we fulfill our purpose? We can learn the soul secrets, wisdom and practical techniques to bring us into alignment with our soul, with the Divine, and with our Divine purpose.

One of the most important aspects of learning how to serve is learning how to communicate with our own soul and with Heaven to receive their guidance. Without a reliable way of receiving soul guidance, we can get lost. We could have a difficult time. We cannot move forward solely through our reasoning, hard work, or our adherence to perceptions of right and wrong. The pathway is through the heart and soul. And the way to grow is to follow your soul and follow Heaven's calling and guidance for you.

How will we do this?

Improve your Alignment with Divine Guidance | Divine Healing Hands
Most of us on a conscious spiritual path have developed some way to tune in and get help. As Divine Soul Healers, we receive a Divine Pendulum transmission and are taught to open our spiritual channels for communication with Heaven and the soul world.

This territory can have its challenges. We are called to purify our hearts and channels deeply. We will be challenged in our guidance and in our response to it (will we listen? will we follow? will we even ask?).

There are often karma blockages associated with spiritual channels and guidance. This can be purified (Divine Healing Hands can help!). Here are some ideas for anyone seeking to improve their Divine guidance system, including their use of Divine Pendulum and other channels.

1. Do regular forgiveness practice for this area of life and service. You can even do a forgiveness practice with your Divine Pendulum and your spiritual channels. Connect with them, with Heaven and with all souls who have been affected by any mistakes you or your ancestors have made in this regard.

2. Practice using Divine Guidance. Connect with Divine or Heaven's team daily at least once, preferably more often, to ask for their guidance, a message, or even just their love. Take a moment to really receive. Be sure to only ask what you are willing to receive and follow, and to remember the guidance. Write it down if necessary.

3. Give healing blessings to yourself to clear blockages in accurately receiving and following Divine guidance. Invoke Divine Healing Hands prior to seeking Divine guidance to heal disharmonies within. You can give a soul order to all layers of your soul, heart, mind and body to align with Divine/Divine pendulum/Divine guidance and then give a healing blessing to remove blockages.

4. Always connect from your heart and soul with the Divine for guidance. Using the Soul Light Era Hand Position really helps. If you place your hands in traditional prayer position right in front of your Message Center (Heart Chakra), then drop your left hand to face the center of your chest while the right hand remains in traditional prayer position on it's own, you are in the Soul Light Era position. It will activate your Heart Chakra and connect you with the Heavens.

5. Give love and gratitude to Divine often and thank Divine for everything. Gratitude increases humility and so many positive outcomes. A grateful heart is an open heart. An open heart is one that can receive the messages of the soul world and Divine Pendulum.

Here is a practice you can do that incorporates many of these suggestions:

Body Power: Sit up straight and put your hands in the Soul Light Era Hand Position, described above.

Soul Power - Say Hello invocation:

Dear Divine and dear all my spiritual mothers and fathers,
Dear Heaven, Mother Earth, humanity and all souls,
I love, honor and appreciate you all.
I deeply apologize for any and all times I or my ancestors have made mistakes in seeking, receiving, revealing or implementing Divine guidance.
I would be so grateful for your forgiveness.
And I forgive any soul who has anything to do with any blockages of this nature in my being.
I love you.
Thank you.

Dear all levels of my soul, heart, mind and body,
I love you.
You have the power to align with my Divine Pendulum/Divine soul guidance
My Soul Orders you to align now
Thank you.

Dear my Divine Healing Hands (Dear Divine, if you are not a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer),
I love, honor and appreciate you so much.
You have the power to heal blockages in my alignment with Divine guidance.
Please offer the appropriate healing now.
I am so grateful.
Thank you.

Mind Power: See golden light filling your torso, Message Center and spiritual channels.

Sound Power: Chant any Divine mantra you wish for the duration of the blessing. For example, you can chant, "Divine Healing Hands/Divine heals my alignment with Divine guidance. Thank you."

Improve your Alignment with Divine Guidance | Divine Healing Hands
Chant for as long as you wish.

We hope this blog entry is helpful to many of you who wish to improve your relationship with Divine guidance.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

5 Keys to Improving Your Divine Guidance | Divine Healing Hands

October 13, 2016

Increasing Your Flexibility to Live a Happier Life | Divine Healing Hands

In life it's a good idea to be flexible - or at least to have that option! Flexibility affords us opportunities to see things differently and be more creative.

Flexible people are more willing to view problems and situations from multiple angles, being more receptive to incoming information that could change their plans. They are less attached to one way, one method, or one outcome and thus, they tend to experience less stress and better psychological health.

Flexibility is also touted as one of the more important qualities leaders need to be successful. In short, flexibility seems to be a virtuous attribute.

Interestingly, most people rate themselves as more flexible than they truly are. So what if we're not that flexible? And how can we become more flexible?

In addition to any other approach we may take, we can enhance flexibility by calling in our soul power and by using Divine Soul Healing. We can practice to heal the blockages to our flexibility. In other words, to increase flexibility we can work to heal the root causes of inflexibility.

Master Sha discusses flexibility briefly in the Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System book, on pages 179-181. He brings it up in regard to spiritual practice. His point is that flexibility in our practice is essential to succeed in our practice. Where, when, for how long and in what way we practice may change from day to day, but we must practice!

He also offers a powerful practice to develop flexibility which incorporates the Divine treasures one has received from the book. He warns us that purification is likely, because when we ask Heaven to remove our blockages to flexibility, things will shift in ways that bring us opportunities to change, which is not always comfortable!

We offer here a three point strategy: 1 ) soul healing practice for improving flexibility, 2) receive regular Divine Healing Hands blessings and 3) find a support buddy - someone who can help you when you are having to face new territory to increase your flexibility.

Soul Healing Practice for Increasing Flexibility

Body Power: Sit up straight and place one palm on your lower abdomen, below the navel and the other palm over the Message Center or Heart Chakra.

Soul Power - Say Hello:

Dear Divine,
Dear my Heaven's Team,
Dear the soul of Divine Flexibility,
I love you, honor you and appreciate you.
You have the power to help me improve my flexibility.
Would you please assist me to transform the blockages to my greater flexibility?
I am most grateful. 
Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize beautiful golden light coming into your entire torso, including your lower abdomen and your Heart Chakra. You can alternate from your lower abdomen to your Heart Chakra with your mind power.

Sound Power: Chant silently or aloud:

Divine Flexibility soul transforms the blockages to my greater flexibility
Divine Flexibility soul transforms the blockages to my greater flexibility
Divine Flexibility soul transforms the blockages to my greater flexibility.....

Chant for as long as you wish.
Close with:

Hao. Hao. Hao.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Regular Divine Healing Hands Blessings: If you have Divine Healing Hands, give yourself a blessing after each practice. If you do not have your Divine Healing Hands yet, go to www.TV.DrSha.com at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET or connect with a Divine Soul Healer to receive blessings.

Support Buddy: And be sure to connect with your buddy regularly, especially if you are experiencing frustration. It could well be that you are being asked to "let go" and you aren't sure "how"! Support is always a good idea!

We encourage everyone to remember the power of soul to help with any aspect of life. Divine Healing Hands can facilitate more rapid healing and transformation in any aspect of life.

You can join Divine Healing Hands training programs by applying for Divine Healing Hands and then registering for a program. Go to www.DivineHealingHands.com for more information, and be sure to join the Improving your Health Everyday with Divine Healing Hands programs at 10 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET on www.TV.DrSha.com regularly.

With Greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

Increasing Your Flexibility to Live a Happier Life | Divine Healing Hands

October 7, 2016

Forgiveness Practice - Just Do it! | Divine Healing Hands

Many are beginning to understand the value of forgiveness.Even medical doctors are finding that those who forgive have an easier time healing than those who don't. But forgiveness often takes practice!

When we practice forgiveness, there are a couple of issues that can block progress. First, with really hard personal issues, we may not implement the wisdom deeply enough. Second, we may stop practicing if we don't see immediate results.

As a soul healer, when people report a situation for which they are practicing forgiveness, yet not seeing much progress, one way to find out if they are practicing fully and deeply enough is to ask, "How exactly are you doing your forgiveness practice? What is your invocation? How do you talk to the soul(s)? Tell me exactly how you are doing it?"

It is surprising how often the teachings are "revised" when the issues are deep and challenging on a personal level, particularly for those who are not well practiced. It is not uncommon to find that someone may be focused solely on forgiving other(s) for the deeds they have endured (lacking the understanding that they may have hurt the other deeply in the past), or on making requests of the other souls (to stop hurting them, for example).

The teachings can be clearly brought back to them, going over the concept of karma, courtesy, sincerity, the need to both ask for and give forgiveness, and the suggestion to turn around what ever they are upset about and take it into their heart that they have likely done this to others.

This is often a telling moment. They may ask, "You mean I may have done this to them? Really?" We can say, "Yes. That's the teaching."

It's a major moment for some. If they can embrace this moment fully, they can really begin to heal!

With regard to the second issue, we all know how difficult it can be to stay the course and practice regularly.  One thing is certain, however, and this is true of all forms of spiritual practice: We must actually practice! We never know when the magical moment will come, but it surely will, if we practice.

It is heart touching and inspiring to see examples of continuous improvement in the lives of those who do practice. One person in particular comes to mind, who received her Divine Healing Hands and had numerous and significant issues with her family members, including children, spouse, aunts, etc. Not only were there issues in her relationships with them, but there were deep and troubling individual issues that each family member was struggling with in their own journeys, making life very difficult for them.

She began doing forgiveness practice often, and implementing Divine Healing Hands regularly. Times were tough. Truly she was tested. She had a heart to serve her family, to be happier and to help them be happier and healthier. She never stopped. Then one day she stopped calling so much. Recently when she called and was asked how her children were doing, she said they were fine! It was a far cry from the type of response she had given before.

Forgiveness Practice works. Forgiveness Practice and Divine Healing Hands (and other soul healing techniques) are a powerful combination. You could experience a miracle in just one heart-felt practice, or it could take longer to achieve some of your goals. Just do it! There's no downside.

To access two examples of Forgiveness Practices you can go to the following links from TV.DrSha.com:

We invite all readers to become Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers! Go to www.DivineHealingHands.com to learn more, and join the Chanting Channel daily programs of Improving Your Health Daily with Divine Healing Hands at 10 a.m., 5 p.m., and 11 p.m. EDT at www.TV.DrSha.com.

Thank you for tuning in. Feel free to leave your comments or questions!

With greatest love,

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

September 29, 2016

Living Loving Relationships in the Workplace

It is important to integrate the teachings of love into our lives in every way. Some of us may tend to reserve our love for our family and friends, but our co-workers, our boss, our workplace also need our love. Everyone – every soul – needs and wants love. As we develop and practice our pure love, we can give more and more love to everyone. 

Everyone and everything is made of shen (soul, heart and mind) qi (energy) jing (matter), including our relationships. Any form of challenge or blockage in life, including working relationships, is a result of shen qi jing blockages. Shen blockages - blockages of soul, heart and mind are most important. Soul leads heart, heart leads mind and mind leads body (energy and matter).

With Divine Healing Hands we can offer Divine love and light at any time that it is appropriate. We can offer this to our colleagues and work environment to ease stress, tension, disharmony, and more. We can help balance the energies and increase the Divine field in our workplace, removing shen qi jing blockages and replacing them with Divine love and light, which can assist everyone to be more open and loving, too.

We may have someone at our workplace who presents challenges to our personal sense of well-being. This individual is your gift! With Divine Healing Hands, you can help heal yourself of the root causes of disharmony and transform the relationship also. The transformation that is possible with Divine Healing Hands is incredible.

To practice forgiveness, chant Love Peace and Harmony, and give Divine Healing Hands blessings is a most powerful combination. 

Someone who did this for her work environment reported amazing results. Her relationships changed dramatically and so did her happiness at work. All these practices bring in the Divine light and remove shen (soul, heart and mind) qi (energy) jing (matter) blockages.

We can also affect the shen qi jing of workplace situations, meetings, and projects with Divine Healing Hands, when guidance approves. 

Perhaps we are concerned about the way a project is going. It needs help. It needs more light. We offer the forgiveness, we chant Love Peace and Harmony, and if appropriate, we can deliver Divine Healing Hands. It could be amazing to see the progress, shifts and more that could take place, bringing the project into greater alignment, removing the blockages and finding solutions that work.

Divine Healing Hands can definitely help us in our workplace relationships. Regular application of Divine Healing Hands blessings coupled with Forgiveness Practice can totally transform our relationships. This is just one clear benefit of having Divine Healing Hands!

If you want to apply for Divine Healing Hands or learn more, go to www.DivineHealingHands.com.

And thank you for tuning in!

Your Divine Healing Hands Team

Living Loving Relationships in the Workplace | Divine Healing Hands

September 25, 2016

Pathway to Wellness Program - A Revolutionary Healing Program with Divine Healing Hands, Part 2

We continue our interview with Master Venier about the revolutionary Pathway to Wellness Program.

Divine Healing Hand Team: Why do you feel Divine Healing Hands is the way to heal serious and chronic diseases? 

Master Venier: Divine Healing Hands: 

  • Empowers people to participate in their healing process and the healing process of others. 
  • Is a powerful spiritual healing tool that helps people address healing at all levels: soul, heart, mind, energy and matter.  
  • Can remove deep blockages and bring deep healing at the level of the cell, cell units, RNA, DNA, energy pathways and tiny matter. 
  • Is effective and simple to use and can offer healing to individuals or groups, in person or remotely, with no limitation to the benefits. 
  • Augments all healing modalities and treatments, with no side effects, and is flexible, highly accessible and practical.  
  • Inspires and opens one's heart to healing, compassion and service.

With Divine Healing Hands people can directly send healing to their own body and have profound healing experiences not limited by the expertise of the practitioner or type of treatment paradigm. The person who is ill becomes the conduit of the healing power through the sacred transmission.  

Divine Healing Hands also provides an opportunity to be part of a larger community focused on healing and service, reducing the stress, separation, hopelessness and aloneness many experience when faced with chronic and serious health challenges. To be of service to oneself and others optimizes the healing benefits of Divine Healing Hands and brings greater joy, peace and happiness.   

Finally, Divine Healing Hands deeply reconnects us to the power of soul and to Divine presence and light. Through life circumstances, most people have not truly experienced the power of their soul, or inner love and Divine love. Divine Healing Hands and Pathway to Wellness facilitate the development a Divine relationship with one's own soul, heart, mind and body, with others and with all aspects of life. Divine Healing Hands are life transforming.

How Pathway to Wellness Program Changed Hanna's Life

Divine Healing Hands Team: How many times has the program run and what has been the result? 

It has run four times and we are currently in the process of our fifth program. We have helped people with many different conditions, such as: leukemia, uterine, breast, lung, spinal column and prostrate cancer, heart disease, mental health disorders, thyroid issues, depression and anxiety, stress and insomnia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, lack of mobility, autoimmune issues, chronic back pain and muscular inflammation, dementia and memory loss, kidney and adrenal issues, pain and inflammation in bones, brain and muscular skeletal issues. 

Almost without exception, people do not want the program to end, and many return for the next program offering. 

Divine Healing Hands Team: Thank you for telling us about the Pathway to Wellness Program. It's truly revolutionary! In closing, is there anything you'd like to add?

Master Venier: Yes, thank you. This program is truly a gift of love from the Divine and Master Sha. Many individuals served to make this happen with their great love, compassion and service to all those in need of support, healing and rejuvenation. I want to express my gratitude to them and greatest gratitude to all those that participated in the program and who gave us their trust and an opportunity to be of service. 

I would like to say that Soul Healing Miracles are very real, as Master Sha and the Divine Channels have helped create hundreds of thousands. It is absolutely possible for those with critical health issues to experience such miracles. I am a living testament of this. It is also important to honor and respect every person's health choice and process. In soul healing there is no one size fits all. We are working at the level of soul and each soul is unique. Each person's soul healing miracle can look and feel different. As an example of a "living miracle", I still have the diagnosis of a critical illness and advanced cancer, but I am also still here five years later, a deeply changed person who has greater joy, happiness, and inner peace, and a more open heart than I have ever known. I have the ability and greatest honor to serve, to teach and to offer blessings to those that are ill and to all of humanity, as one of Master Sha's Divine Channels. I most grateful and humbled. 

Thank you again, Master Viener! What an incredible program and opportunity. Please keep us informed on the Pathway to Wellness Program, which is offered via webcast and teleconference. Everyone is blessed to have access to this type of healing program. For more information go to: http://bit.ly/Pathway-to-WellnessSept25-2016

Your loving Divine Healing Hands Team